The Criminal Minded Gamers In Casino

For many years, casino gaming was an underground, illicit, even criminal activity. In many parts of the United States, as well as other countries, gambling of any sort is illegal. Now, with the proliferation of live casinos all over the world, as well as the establishment of online casinos, people who enjoy playing games of chance no longer need to hide in the shadows. However, some aspects of casino gaming still attract the criminal element.

One of the facets of casino gaming that attracts criminals is the same one that draws legitimate players: the promise of easy money. The difference lies in the fact that, instead of using skill, strategy and planning to win at the games, the criminal often chooses to steal, scam or swindle his way into the big jackpot.

In the early days of legalized gambling, criminals would often use loaded dice, marked cards, and slugs with strings attached to cheat at the various games. As the technology behind the games has evolved, so have the cheating devices. Light wands can affect scr888 slot machine payouts. Computers can predict the fall of a ball on a roulette wheel. Hidden cameras can relay another player’s cards to a cheater.

While money is often the motive for most cheats and criminals, some crooks are more motivated by revenge. They often feel that the casino is inherently unfair (which, statistically speaking, is true) and that the casino rigs against the players are ever winning (which is both illegal and ridiculous). They attack casino staff, dealers and other players out of what they consider righteous vengeance.

Although some criminals may employ sophisticated schemes and advanced technology to take down the “evil” casino, most common crooks do not take such extreme measures. Most of them are hit-and-run muggers. They often spot their potential victims winning a big jackpot, follow them out to the parking lot, and threaten them with physical violence unless they hand over the cash.

Wherever lots of money is readily available, criminals will be there to take as much as they can. Whether they dress as common street thugs or in three-piece suits, they have only one intention in mind: steal as much as they think they can get away with, and then steal some more.

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